“BBA offers residency training programs for both men and women professional players seeking contracts in Spain/Europe.”

For Professional Players

– Daily Developmental basketball training sessions
– Daily Physical Strength and Conditioning Sessions at a state of the art facility
– Daily integrated Practice sessions with the local professional team. You will be practicing and playing side by side with the Spanish pro players!
– Receive honest, and objective feedback via our video analysis, skill and game assessments, as well as critical observations to adapt your skills to European Basketball
– Be seen! Put yourself in the middle of the action in Barcelona and be in front of coaches from all over the country.

– You will not feel like you are at a free agent showcase, you will feel like you are part of a professional club. Showing your ability to play side by side with the Spanish players will set you apart from all the players waiting in the States.
– NOT a FREE AGENT CAMP. But a learning experience where only one week in our residency will focus you clearly on what you need to do to get that job you always dreamed of…


Academic Program

You can be a member of our program and play on one of our teams if you:
a) Are in Spain studying at our local university
b) Are in Spain in a Spanish Language learning program
c) Are working or doing an internship with our club as a volunteer working with our youth players while both learning Spanish and learning our fantastic Spanish Culture

Living choices in Academic Program:
a) Stay in hotel and receive full room and board
b) Stay in an apartment and live on your own or in an apartment share